My precious treasure is close to US$ 10,000

There is no longer any doubt that Bitcoin’s big challenge in the short term is to be able to break the psychological barrier of $10,000. Can my precious treasure do that in the next few days? I’ll try to answer that in this analysis.

Last Monday in the 630,000 block, the third Bitcoin Halving took place. So far it’s been positive for the leading cryptomoney. Since the Halving to date, the price of the BTC has gone up by $1,300, to the current $9,800.

The eye is on the $10,000, which Bitcoin may soon reach, but first an epic battle must be fought between bulls and bears, Lord of the Rings style.

Fiat money isn’t very safe, Bitcoin is

The precious treasure fights to win the US$ 10,000
So far this month, the price of Bitcoin has tried at least three times to defy the $10,000 barrier. So far without success.

In the May graph, you can see that the price of Bitcoin Circuit, Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Profit, The News Spy, Bitcoin Billionaire, Immediate Edge, Bitcoin Evolution is moving in a strong range between US$ 8,250 and US$ 10,000, trading at the time of writing very close to its upper limit.

Bitcoin, my precious treasure, is struggling to reach US$ 10,000 in May.
Bitcoin has all the way to the precious $10,000 barrier. If it succeeds in the next few days, the next technical stop is at the annual high of US$ 13,800 in 2019, where once again the bulls and bears will fight a hard battle for the precious treasure.

Bitcoin Whales: Latest news from Whale Alert

Bitcoin whales on the move
A few days ago in a CryptoTrend report we published how Bitcoin whales are making a strong accumulation of BTC, which is a good sign that they continue to maintain their buying trend.

In the last hour, Bitcoin whales have been doing their thing. In just 3 transactions, OKEx has transferred over 4000 BTC to unknown wallets.